The I Conquer Series

Books for your child and the child in you

What would it feel like to live like a child again? The I Conquer book series presents highly-entertaining, illustrated stories about modern-day human struggles, offering timeless wisdom and inspiration for overcoming the common challenges that hold us all back.

Whether you read them for yourself, enjoy them with your children, or share them with the people in your life who could use a little love, you’ll generate positive, empowering vibrations that promote growth and development.

Maybe you’ll smile when you see some of yourself in the main characters, and maybe you’ll cry when you connect with the pain and difficulties they experience.  If you open yourself up to feel what’s really going on inside of you as you engage with the story, you’ll create the space needed to move your emotions and clear whatever’s weighing you down.

Take the leap and experience the power of a great story!

A Tale of Monkey and Eagle

Have you ever dreamed about climbing higher and become more? Ambitious Monkey embarks on a practical pursuit of success, only to find that true fulfillment requires a leap of faith. This playful story about courage, personal growth, and togetherness empowers you to pursue a life filled with better possibilities.