Follow your own path, find happiness
Follow your own path, find happiness
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Frequently asked questions

What exactly will I learn?

To consistently release mental and emotional tension so that you feel more energized and function more effectively

Underlying all of Nosh’s work is the recognition that people enjoy life the most, and perform at their best, when they experience a sense of ease internally. The moment tightness and tension arise, the natural rhythm of life gets disrupted.  Whether the source of that disruption is a mental discomfort or an emotional one, the result is the same: a loss of energy and a sense of “being stuck.” In this state, it is difficult to engage life full-out.

Functioning at a high level – and doing so consistently – requires that you learn to respond to the tightness and tension that will inevitably arise in a manner that allows it to be released.  The longer it remains inside you, the more it solidifies, and the more it limits the energy in your system from flowing freely.  Your charge for life is greatest when, internally, you are conflict-free, and that happens when you are able to let go of whatever it is inside of you that is causing opposition.

All of the tools and techniques Nosh teaches are designed to support you in releasing the tension that constrains your level of energy, your enjoyment of life, and your quality of performance.  When you are able to consistently engage life with an open heart, an open mind, and the skill to let go of any tightness that gets triggered within you, you will function at your highest degree of excellence.  Our goal is to support you to experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that come from engaging life this way.  Cheers to living your best life ever!

Nurture who you are, and you will become who you want to be.


– Nosh Marzbani

How will the application of these teachings impact my everyday life?

You will develop the ability to generate joy, relaxation, and enthusiasm in response to the “less-than-ideal” situations you encounter

People often spend a large portion of their lives in some degree of misery, which is fine if that is how they desire to spend their time.  However, too often, those people also wish that their lives did not feel like such a struggle, and so there is a conflict between the way they actually experience their lives and how they want to experience their lives.

When this is the case, it is easy to blame other people, past situations, or just “the way things are” for causing the suffering that you experience, even though, deep down, there is an understanding that you are the one who is responsible for creating your experience of life.  Ultimately, if you want your experience of life to change, then you have to get better at creating the thoughts, feelings, and actions you desire. The only thing constraining the levels of peace, happiness, and aliveness that you enjoy on a daily basis is the way you choose to process the various happenings of your life.

Life is, unquestionably, filled with stress, unpredictability, difficulty, and negativity. The beauty is that you have also been granted the ability to respond to these challenges in a way that generates joy, ease, and a deep appreciation for all that you encounter.

Regardless of the obstacles you face, you can learn to do so while feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and filled with awe.  You can find meaning and fulfillment in the everyday process of living your life.  We experience our greatest joy in supporting you to express yourself with such love and boldness. Cheers to celebrating this wonderful life together!

Kindness towards yourself is an act of wisdom.


– Nosh Marzbani

Why is this work so important?

Because technology is going to empower you with more authority over how you spend your time

In the future, your life will be very different.  Advances in technology will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend performing the tasks that currently fill your day, both at work and at home. Aspects of your job, if not your entire job, will be handled by intelligent software, and, in order to be compensated, you will be asked to provide value in a way that is uncommon.  You will have much greater authority over how you spend your time, and, after an extended period of relaxation and entertainment, you will start to wonder about your deeper purpose in life.

Technology will ease many of the burdens you face in the outside world, and, perhaps most importantly, it will create a tremendous opportunity for you to resolve the internal conflicts that limit your ability to consistently feel joyful, peaceful, energized, and fulfilled. Finally, you will have both the time and the motivation to discover the unique skills, talents, and qualities you have been given, and to then explore all the creative ways you can share those gifts beneficially with others.

What technology will not change is the process required to resolve your internal conflicts and to discover the unique value you can offer to the world.  That process involves directing your energy inwards, rather than outwards, to cultivate qualities like awareness, internal clarity, humility, gratitude, strength, courage, love, and so many other classic human virtues.

As technology advances, the opportunities to find comfort and entertainment externally will only increase, but directing your energy in that way won’t necessarily lead to fulfillment.  You will find your deepest satisfaction when every fiber of your being is enthusiastic about pursuing the next adventure that lies ahead, and that will come when you have mastered yourself to such a degree that you know, without any hesitation or doubt, who you are, what you have to offer, and how you want to honor and celebrate this life you’ve been given.

We are here to support you in that pursuit.  We invite you to check out the site and learn more about this work has to offer.  Cheers to embracing your greatest adventure yet!