Shine Bright without Burning Out Your Light

Aim & Conquer offers one-on-one coaching to help you develop the internal strength required to create the life you desire

If you sense that it is possible to feel more, achieve more, or be more, then there are areas of your life in which you are not functioning at full capacity. Something is limiting your ability to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Aim & Conquer is specifically designed to support you in identifying what’s preventing you from experiencing that sense of total engagement and expression. With Nosh’s expert guidance, you will develop your creative abilities and the internal strength required to overcome those challenges. He has helped millionaires, celebrities, and everyday people attain high degrees of fulfillment and impact they never thought was possible.

Aim & Conquer offers two primary coaching services:

Breakthrough coaching

Get customized, individual support to crush whatever holds you back

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, your wealth, your career, or your relationships, Nosh has the skills to help you unlock your potential. His unique approach to self-improvement is a refreshing change from the “How to” recipes that are all too common in the personal development space, and the diverse testimonials of those who have worked with him speak to the wide range of pain, problems, and difficulties he addresses.

If you’re ready to finally realize the change you’ve been dreaming about, connect with Nosh and his team to learn how to apply for his individual coaching program.

Leadership coaching

Grow your capacity to beneficially impact the world

If you have been blessed with the responsibility to lead all or part of an organization, then you owe it to yourself, and to those who you look out for, to expand your ability to provide and protect for them.

Aim & Conquer offers one-on-one coaching sessions to business leaders, supporting them to foster a greater connection to the power and wisdom inside of themselves.  With this guidance, executives deepen and broaden their impact and transform themselves into leaders with real force.

If you want to access the full potency that is available inside of you and lead in a way that fortifies your legacy, connect with Aim & Conquer to learn more about opportunities to partner together.

What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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It would take far too long to tell how superb a clinician Nosh is, but he taught me a lot about reducing stress. I cannot explain why or how, but all I know is that the pain was 90% gone by the time I had concluded 30 sessions over several months. After all these past several months, I am still at the 90% improved level. Whatever it was he did, it worked! He achieved what three different orthopedic specialists could not. My thanks to Nosh always for helping me.
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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I initially went to see Nosh to heal my body mentally, spiritually, and physically. I have to say it is working, every week I see Nosh I feel better and better. He is teaching me new ways of healing rather than just trying to cover up things with medication. It was my first time trying acupuncture and meditation. I am really enjoying what Nosh is teaching me. Nosh is very caring, professional, and knowledgeable. If you want to heal, see NOSH!
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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I told him about my long term fatigue and foggy brain. I'm always tired no matter how much I sleep, so I knew something in my body was out of wack. After talking to Nosh, he assured me that I WILL get better so that made me worry less about my health. He also has great knowledge of herbal remedies and after the treatment I have been enjoying a new-found energy level, greater alertness and reduced tension. I'm very glad I found him. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a tune-up or more serious health concerns.
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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Nosh was very attentive and we talked about what my treatment goals were. He said all signs pointed to my adrenals and kidney energy and that I needed to restore my "fire." After a couple weeks later with regular treatments, my energy has been at an all time high. I'm more productive at work and with my life. It feels really nice to be able to do things that I struggled at before.
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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Acupuncture was not my thing, but after what Nosh did for my mom, I realized that I was totally wrong. My friend recommended Nosh to me when my mom was having really chronic back and knee pain. I took her to see Nosh three times and guess what? No more pain!!! W00t w00t!! I just cannot believe it! Listen, I have to drive my mom almost 120 miles round-trip to go see him but it was well, well, well worth it! If you need help, go see him, he rocks!
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Develop Your Intrigue Rather Than Your Fatigue

Aim & Conquer offers small-group workshops that help you reinvigorate your life and propel yourself to the next level of excellence

Many high achievers reach a point in their lives when they do no know where to go next. They’ve experienced success, perhaps a lot of it, and they struggle to find goals that are meaningful enough to fill them with energy and passion. Life loses the charge that it had when they were “on the way up,” and they settle into some degree of resignation.

If you want to keep going higher and to revitalize your day-to-day enthusiasm for life, you cannot settle for less. You must aim higher and then crush those goals.  This takes strength, toughness, and the commitment to becoming a higher-quality person.

At Aim & Conquer workshops, you will find yourself surrounded by truly excellent human beings who are focused on supporting you to set goals that inspire you to realize the best version of yourself.  Additionally, you will receive guidance and training about effective ways to develop your strength, skill, and strategy so that you feel truly capable of conquering any challenges that stand in your way.

These workshops are only for those who want to be the highest of high achievers.  If that sounds like you, we’d love to support you.  Reach out to the Aim & Conquer team and start moving towards a higher-quality life today.

Embrace Your Challenge

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, repeating the same boring, self-sabotaging, or unsuccessful patterns, then it’s time to take on these challenges more directly. Connect with Nosh and learn how he can support you to grow into the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be.

Achieve Your Best without Feeling Stressed

Aim & Conquer offers business seminars that help you boost your performance at work by learning to manage stress and pressure more effectively

For many people, maintaining high levels of energy at work is a real challenge.  Days are long and relatively structured, conflicts can arise with colleagues, and, on top of that, people are dealing with all the difficulties and pressures that they experience outside of work.  The overall result is that performance and satisfaction suffer, and companies miss out on the opportunity to tap into their employees’ full potential.

Aim & Conquer offers large-group training sessions that teach employees tools and techniques they can use to become more resilient to the challenges they are bound to face. Particular areas of focus include managing all forms of stress, clearing out unresolved tension with other individuals, and generating enthusiasm and aliveness in response to difficulty.

Training sessions are customized to meet each organization’s specific goals.  Contact Aim & Conquer today to learn more about the different ways we can support those in your organization to perform at their best.

Reach Another Level

Nosh has helped businesses and business leaders across the world propel themselves to a new level of professional achievement. Take the leap and learn more about how he can support you to supercharge your contribution and impact.

Leave Behind the Dark, and Reignite Your Spark

Aim & Conquer offers speaking engagements that help you get motivated to engage all parts of your life wholeheartedly

If you’re looking to inspire an audience to connect with a greater sense of energy, strength, and resilience, then Nosh is a speaker who can support you in fulfilling your objectives. Dynamic, passionate, unconventional, and always living his life full-out, Nosh brings a radiance and grace to the stage that empowers members of the audience to start expressing the best within themselves. Connect with Nosh and his team to learn more about opportunities to set up a speaking engagement.