Express your strength

Grow your capacity to impact the world through individual coaching sessions with Nosh

If you have been blessed with the responsibility to lead all or part of an organization, then you owe it to yourself, and to those who you look out for, to expand your ability to provide and protect for them. This requires growing your internal strength so that you can more powerfully demonstrate the qualities that inspire others.

For years, Nosh has offered one-on-one coaching sessions to business leaders, supporting them to foster a greater connection to the power and wisdom inside of themselves.  With his guidance, they have both deepened and broadened their impact and transformed themselves into leaders with real force.

If you want to access the full potency that is available inside of you and lead in a way that fortifies your legacy, connect with Nosh to learn more about opportunities for you to partner together.

Reach another level

Nosh has helped business leaders across the world propel themselves to a new level of professional achievement. Take the leap and learn more about how he can support you to supercharge your contribution and impact.

Function with excellence

Take your business to the next level by accessing your organization's untapped potential

If you sense that it is possible for members of your organization to be more motivated, more collaborative, more loyal, more harmonious, and more aligned, then there is an opportunity to function at a higher level of excellence. Those who work for and with you can likely invest more energy into your company, and they can do so in a way that more effectively contributes to the achievement of your objectives.

Nosh’s management team workshops are specifically designed to support you in resolving whatever is preventing your organization from operating at full capacity.  His trainings address all of the below-the-surface issues that severely limit your success so that your business emerges with greater stability, strength, resilience, and energy.

Trainings generally last one day, but can be customized to meet your needs.

To learn more about setting up a potential workshop or training session, please complete and submit the form below, and a team member will call you to discuss in greater detail.

What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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There are not enough good things I can possibly say about Nosh. When I first met him, I instantly felt relaxed. He has this peaceful nature about him that in turn has a calming effect on the person in his presence. Nosh is extremely wise and insightful. I came to him with a need for guidance and after one visit I already felt an improvement. More importantly, he genuinely cares about his students. He actually wants to see you improve and strives for you to be happy and healthy. He is a true gem!
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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After finishing up my program with Nosh, my life has totally transformed. Words can’t possibly do justice to the number and degree of changes I’ve experienced over the last few months. I came in tense, overly anxious, and easily triggered to discomfort. Writing this now brings tears to my eyes. I’m relaxed and peaceful. I’m not easily rattled, and when I am I return to a calm sense of confidence quickly. I’ve developed the strength to face tremendous internal and external obstacles. I feel lighter, happier, freer, and more alive. Nosh has been the most impactful person in my life. With Nosh as your coach, there is no question you will live a life that’s truly yours.
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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When I met Nosh, I was lost professionally. Even though I was making good money, I felt no desire to do what I was actually doing. A friend recommended him to me, and after meeting with him I decided to give it a shot. The stuff we talked about and worked on in our sessions was stuff I could have never imagined covering. It opened my life up in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. I switched jobs and now feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing because I actually get energized by doing it. My wife has noticed the difference and she now loves Nosh, too. If you are fortunate enough to have a chance to work with him, please do. You won’t find a better person to support you in turning your life around.
What’s it like to work with Nosh?
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I wouldn’t be where I am today without Nosh, and my business wouldn’t be where it is today without Nosh. I was starting to fall apart personally and it was spilling over into my professional life, and everything I had built was starting to crumble. The best decision I ever made was to visit him and sign up for his coaching program. He helped me stabilize and he showed me the areas of my life that were causing so many of the problems I was having. The time with him gave me a chance to get everything together before it was too late. After our work, my business took off so much that it was almost overwhelming. I owe it all to Nosh and recommend him to anyone else who is struggling.

Re-discover your enthusiasm

Experience Nosh as a speaker and get motivated to engage all parts of your life wholeheartedly

If you’re looking to inspire an audience to connect with a greater sense of energy, peace, joy, and appreciation, then Nosh is a speaker who can support you in fulfilling your objectives. Dynamic, passionate, unconventional, and always living his life full-out, Nosh brings a radiance and grace to the stage that empowers members of the audience to start expressing the best within themselves.

Connect with Nosh and his team to learn more about opportunities to set up a speaking engagement.