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Prepare your children to handle life’s difficulties so that they can become truly great adults

At Aim & Conquer, we acknowledge that all children are – eventually – going to face the unpleasant realities of life.  They will be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and how they respond to those challenges will greatly influence the way they experience their lives.  Those who respond skillfully, with noble and virtuous qualities, will strengthen their resilience, build character, and create a foundation for deeply meaningful success.

The problem is that the skills and qualities required to handle life’s challenges are not taught in schools. While children learn many subjects that help them relate to the world outside of them, they generally do not learn how to respond to setbacks and uncertainty in ways that are beneficial.  For example, it is rare to find classes that teach kids how to:

  • Gain greater clarity on all that’s happening inside of them, including their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, and natural gifts
  • Understand the effect those aspects are having on their experience of life
  • Take responsibility for responding to any aspect that is not in their best interest in order to create a beneficial change
  • Learn and train a variety of techniques in order to facilitate fast and effective responses

At Aim & Conquer, we provide these teachings through our Empowered Response Training. The goal is to support parents to raise highly-responsible children who have the strength, skills, and personal qualities required to overcome the challenges they will face so that they can grow into future leaders.

As parents, we want to provide our children with the foundation to make good decisions, respond well under pressure, and ultimately create lives that are filled with both traditional measures of success (for example, financial stability, deep relationships, and broad societal impact) and internal measures of success (for example, high levels of peace, joy, energy, satisfaction, and fulfillment).

Our mission is to support one million children to develop the skills and qualities that make such achievements possible.

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“I believe that it is in all children’s best interest to accept responsibility for the way they experience their lives, so they should learn that they can influence the outcomes they create by making good choices.”

– Nosh Marzbani

Develop Qualities and Skills that are not Taught in Schools

True success requires a lot more than knowledge about traditional subjects, so we help children cultivate strength, resilience, and good character

At Aim & Conquer, we support children to:

  1. Cultivate a sense of ease within themselves so that they can flow easily with whatever challenges life brings
  2. Work with, and strengthen through, life’s pressures so that they can find fulfillment on the journey to success
  3. Accept and appreciate the variety found in others so that they can develop deep, meaningful relationships
  4. Discover and contribute the very best that they have to offer so that they can make a beneficial impact on the world.
  5. Establish healthy and productive routines so that they can ensure they spend their time and energy wisely
  6. Cultivate inner peace and power so that they can show up for others as a source of strength and support.
  7. Maintain integrity while making progress so that they can condition their character and stay rooted in virtue
  8. Nourish their mind, body, and spirit so that they can regularly enjoy high levels of energy and enthusiasm
  9. Effectively process pain and trauma so that they can develop the confidence to share their full expression with the world.
  10. Take responsibility for their own life experience so that they can continually regulate their thoughts and feelings.
  11. Honor their heart’s true calling so that they can develop the courage to dream big and take bold action
  12. Embrace the spirit of collaboration so that they can express nobility and gain the benefits of togetherness.

Give Your Kids the Best Chance to Succeed

We help parents prepare their children to handle the wide range of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that they will encounter in life through the development of personal qualities and skills that are not taught in schools, all so that they can achieve meaningful success on both the outside and the inside. If this sounds like something you want for your child, sign up today!

More About Aim & Conquer

We know your children will face all kinds of challenges in their lives, and we want to give them the tools to find deeply meaningful success

Aim & Conquer’s name says it all: we aim to bring forth our absolute best, and we conquer the limitations that hold us back.  It is our belief that both aspects are required to achieve at the highest level and to enjoy the greatest experience of life that is available.

Aiming so high fosters humility, accountability, and an appreciation for the process of continuous growth.  Conquering the elements that limit such achievement cultivates courage, focus, stability, and resilience.  Together, they form the foundation for a deeply meaningful and enjoyable life.

Children who master both aspects become true powerhouses, capable of making exceptional contributions to the world. Aim & Conquer’s mission is to support as many of these children as possible so that they may become the leaders who guide humanity through all the challenges it will face in the future.

Nosh Marzbani

Hi everyone, I’m Nosh

I’m the founder of Aim & Conquer, and I’m here to support you to raise successful children who live impactful and meaningful lives. I’ve been a coach and trainer for a long time, and, as I coach my kids, I realize that it is beneficial to share the principles and methods I teach as a parent.  I invite you to join me in creating a community where all kids can feel more supported and strengthened through our efforts. Together, let’s raise empowered future leaders!