My Mission

My mission is to support you to cleanse old toxicity, develop resilience, take charge of your energy level, and achieve a higher quality of health and success, all by developing and applying a unique set of internal skills.  My team and I offer a wide range of services, all of which empower you to aim for the highest levels of internal excellence and to conquer whatever challenges stand in your way.   Support is provided in several areas, including:

Personal development and growth, through one-on-one coaching, small-group workshops, transformational retreats, and, in the near future, books, ebooks, and online courses.  Clients are those who want to turn around their lives and break free from the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that limit their enjoyment of life.

Business and professional growth, through leadership coaching that helps executives and high achievers address the hidden issues that hold them back so that they can take their performance to the next level.

Parent and child skill development, through the Aim & Conquer educational program that helps parents prepare their children to handle the wide range of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that they will encounter in life. The program focuses on personal qualities and skills that are not taught in schools, with the goal of empowering children to become future leaders.

Audience inspiration, through speaking engagements aimed at motivating and empowering attendees to express the highest version of themselves.

Be sure to check out the rest of the site to learn more about each of these areas, and scroll down to learn more about Empowered Response Training and my background!

Be willing to experiment and explore, and you will gain the experience you need to succeed.


– Nosh Marzbani

Empowered Response Training

Empowered Response Training is a transformative tool that supports you to respond to the difficulties and negativity you experience in everyday life in ways that generate more resilience, enthusiasm, and aliveness.  You learn to process the challenges you face in a way that is healing, strengthening, and empowering, and you learn to use your creative powers to design a life that is vibrant, both internally and externally.

When you develop the ability to proactively create your thoughts, your feelings, and how you show up for yourself and others, you start to experience more harmony, ease, and gratitude. Instead of reacting unconsciously, feeling tense and tight when situations deviate from your expectations and desires, you learn to adapt and to be more flexible. Inside of yourself, you start to see and feel that life is beautiful, and you realize that you can add more beauty to it.

To learn more about the various ways Empowered Response Training can support you to transform your experience of life, be sure to check out the rest of the site, and scroll down to learn more about my background!

Success gets easier with the right people backing you.

No one does it alone. You don’t have to.


– Nosh Marzbani

Nosh Marzbani

Nosh Marzbani is a best-selling author, leadership coach, and transformational guide who partners with individuals and organizations to support them in functioning with greater health and success across all aspects of their experience. His unique Aim & Conquer Method emphasizes the development and application of self-healing skills in order to develop resilience and resolve the various forms of negativity that hinder relationships and limit performance, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

Nosh’s early childhood in Pune, India, was spent practicing martial arts, dreaming about warriors, studying ancient wisdom, meditating, and constantly getting in trouble. On his sixth birthday, he became ill with meningitis, and with his fever nearing 107 degrees and death quickly approaching, Nosh had a spiritual experience that opened up an entirely new perspective on power, love, and life. Miraculously, he healed, and he emerged with a deep appreciation for being alive. More than anything, he wanted to live life full-out, to embrace it all, to throw himself into each moment and feel as alive as possible.

Fast forward through decades of intense meditation, extensive training in multiple healing disciplines, and serious spiritual study all over the world, and you’ll find Nosh founding his own business, the Beverly Remedy Center (now the Aim & Conquer Center). Before the age of 30, he was a millionaire, one of the highest-paid healers in LA, and the go-to savior for a number of celebrities and the elite. Through word-of-mouth alone, he developed a reputation as the guy you go to when no one else can resolve your issues.

What all of Nosh’s clients had in common is that they experienced substantial pain and a degree of dissatisfaction with life, a sense that something was missing, a desire for things to be different than they were. With Nosh’s support and guidance, they become well. They strengthened their abilities to appreciate all parts of life, to work with it rather than against it, to express courage and love, and to find meaning in contribution to others. Each of those abilities brought with it a resurgence of energy, a deeper sense of freedom and bliss, and the power to make a real difference.

After witnessing such deep transformations in so many people, Nosh decided to share his teachings more broadly with the world so that others can improve their relationships, develop their internal strength, go beyond their limitations, and start creating a life that feels amazing. He invites you to explore all that he offers and to allow him to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

What People Are Saying About Nosh
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“I started seeing Nosh about 2.5 months ago - I initially went to help my body heal after a surgery. After the first session with Nosh my issue was under control and after three it was completely gone. I continued to see Nosh, noticing that every aspect of my health, mental and physical, was improving and healing. I have continued to get stronger and more myself than I have ever been before. I have seen friends that I haven't seen for months notice a remarkable change in me- my energy, my sense of calm, how centered and how "clear" I am now.  The centered calm that Nosh has helped me get to has made such a world of difference. This is priceless!!! ”
What People Are Saying About Nosh
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“Nosh is an amazing healer, and an amazing person. I have been seeing him for 4 months now, and I am in awe of how much better I am feeling every day. I don't know how he does it, but he will literally help you transform your life into the one that you have always wanted.  The changes I am going through are effecting every part of my life. Physical imbalances in my body that I have had for years have started to right themselves. Being in traffic is more enjoyable. Emotionally draining family members aren't as much of a bother anymore. Patterns that I have carried with me my whole life are starting to soften. When you truly treat holistically, you truly get amazing results. And Nosh has the gift.”
What People Are Saying About Nosh
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“I can't begin to explain how different I feel after only one amazing session! Nosh takes his time with you and truly hones into what needs to be done instead of rushing and giving "standard" treatments. Astounding comes to mind. Like nothing I've ever experienced before and as a person with a health and wellness background, that says a lot!!”
What People Are Saying About Nosh
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“Nosh is amazing. I used to get headaches every day from the tension in my neck and shoulders and haven't had one in weeks! And my neck and shoulder pain has been cut in half! Also I am a very stressed out person with a lot of anxiety and he has helped me tremendously with this through his calming internal "healing" process. He has such a calming vibe that as soon as he speaks I am instantly relaxed and stress-free. If you are in any pain, have anxiety, stressed out, whatever it is, I highly recommend you go see him!”
What People Are Saying About Nosh
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“I told Nosh that I had been having problems with anxiety, addiction and weight control. All of which have subsided considerably since I started seeing him. He has an amazing energy and immediately put my fears to rest. After every session I leave feeling amazing and it lasts and lasts. I keep seeing him and have noticed not just my improved mood, but also I sleep better, eat better and feel better. I've recommended him to all of my friends for all of their issues, too. I am in love with this guy and you will be, too, if you get your tail over there.”
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