About Aim & Conquer

Aim & Conquer’s mission is to support you to boost your productivity, to take charge of your energy level, and to achieve a higher quality of success, all by developing and applying your self-awareness.  The organization offers a wide range of services, all of which empower you to aim for the highest levels of internal excellence and to conquer whatever challenges stand in your way.   Aim & Conquer provides support in several areas, including:

Personal development and growth, through one-on-one coaching, transformational retreats, and, in the near future, books, ebooks, and online courses.

Business and professional growth, through a business consultancy specializing in leadership coaching and management team workshops that enhance vision, values, alignment, and harmony.

Physical healing and strengthening, through treatments in a number of different modalities that reduce physical pain and improve functionality.

Career advancement, through the Leap for Success educational program that provides application support to students applying to college or grad school.

Audience inspiration, through speaking engagements aimed at motivating and empowering attendees to express the highest version of themselves.

Be sure to check out the Services page to learn more about each of these organizations, and scroll down to learn more about the Brushstrokes Method and Nosh’s background!

Be willing to experiment and explore, and you will gain the experience you need to succeed.


– Nosh Marzbani

The Brushstrokes Method

Break through your limitations and create the life you desire

At the core of Aim & Conquer is the Brushstrokes Method, a transformative tool that supports you to respond to the difficulties and negativity you experience in everyday life in ways that generate more enthusiasm and aliveness.  You learn to process the challenges you face in a way that is strengthening and empowering, and you learn to use your creative powers to design a life that is vibrant, both internally and externally.

When you develop the ability to proactively create your thoughts, your feelings, and how you show up for yourself and others, you start to experience more harmony, ease, and gratitude. Instead of reacting unconsciously, feeling tense and tight when situations deviate from your expectations and desires, you learn to adapt more and to be more flexible. Inside of yourself, you see and feel that life is beautiful, and you realize that you can add more beauty to it.

To learn more about the various ways the Brushstrokes Method can support you to transform your experience of life, be sure to check out the Services page, and scroll down to learn more about Nosh’s background!

Success gets easier with the right people backing you.

The road to success is more enjoyable when you are surrounded by the right mentors, guides, and loyal friends. These people accept you exactly as you are, embrace you in all your variety, and support you to overcome the challenges that limit you from engaging life fully. They don’t see you as small, defined, locked, or limited; rather, they see and believe in all that you can be. Their love and support helps you cultivate an unstoppable spirit of healing, a state where you feel fully alive, bold, free, and encouraged to make your best contribution to the world.

No one does it alone. You don’t have to.

Nosh Marzbani

Nosh Marzbani is a best-selling author, leadership coach, and transformational guide who partners with individuals and organizations to support them in functioning with greater success across all aspects of their experience. His unique Brushstrokes Method emphasizes the development and application of self-awareness in order to resolve the various forms of negativity that hinder relationships and limit performance, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

Nosh’s early childhood in Pune, India, was spent practicing martial arts, dreaming about warriors, studying ancient wisdom, meditating, and constantly getting in trouble. On his sixth birthday, he became ill with meningitis, and with his fever nearing 107 degrees and death quickly approaching, Nosh had a spiritual experience that opened up an entirely new perspective on power, love, and life. Miraculously, he healed, and he emerged with a deep appreciation for being alive. More than anything, he wanted to live life full-out, to embrace it all, to throw himself into each moment and feel as alive as possible.

Fast forward through decades of intense meditation and serious spiritual study all over the world, and you’ll find Nosh founding his own business, the Beverly Remedy Center. Before the age of 30, he was a millionaire, one of the highest-paid healers in LA, and the go-to savior for a number of celebrities and the elite. Through word-of-mouth alone, he developed a reputation as the guy you go to when no one else can resolve your issues.

What all of Nosh’s clients had in common is that they experienced some degree of dissatisfaction with life, a sense that something was missing, a desire for things to be different than they were. With Nosh’s support and guidance, they become well. They strengthened their abilities to appreciate all parts of life, to work with it rather than against it, to express courage and love, and to find meaning in contribution to others. Each of those abilities brought with it a resurgence of energy, a deeper sense of freedom and bliss, and the power to make a real difference.

After witnessing such deep transformations in so many people, Nosh decided to share his teachings more broadly with the world so that others can improve their relationships, develop their internal strength, go beyond their limitations, and start creating a life that feels amazing. He invites you to explore all that he offers and to allow him to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

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