What will it take to get you to the next level?

If you take some time to look at your life, you will likely find at least one area in which you feel that more is possible.

Maybe you want to be healthier, wealthier, or happier, or maybe you want to experience more love, more power, more relaxation, or more energy.

This sentiment becomes especially challenging when you have already achieved some degree of success by worldly standards.  To everyone else, your life looks fantastic, but you can’t shake the feeling that you have an untapped capacity to function at a higher level, to shift from an A on paper to an A+ in actuality.

Over time, the pressure starts to build. You want things to change, but it’s not clear what is required to actually move forward.

At Aim & Conquer, we help you achieve a higher quality of health and success.

We support you to cultivate a set of internal skills that enables you to generate strength, joy, and harmony no matter what you are dealing with outside of you.

We inspire you to aim for the absolute highest and best version of yourself, and we train you to conquer the sabotaging aspects inside of you that hold you back.

We teach you the tools and techniques to build your resilience so that you can consistently respond to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges in ways that make life better.

Overall, we help you achieve a higher level of health and success inside of yourself so that you can spread it to your family, your company, and, eventually, the world.

A lot more is possible. With the right support, you can realize the healthiest, happiest, most alive, most powerful, and most fulfilled life available to you.

We’re here to empower you to do so. Check out the site to learn more about our work, and cheers to achieving what you haven’t yet achieved!

“The slightest gnawing sense that life is not as it should be, and that you are not experiencing the best that life has to offer, is reason enough to initiate a change. At some point, you can no longer ignore the feeling that you were meant for more. If you’re ready to take action and start creating your best life ever, then reach out. We’re here to support you.”


– Nosh Marzbani

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Nosh Marzbani

Hi everyone, I’m Nosh

I’m here to help you develop and apply the internal skills necessary to break through what’s holding you back and start creating a life that is phenomenal in every dimension.

At the age of 6, I had a brush with death while battling meningitis, and ever since then I’ve devoted my life to understanding what it takes to feel fully alive.

Within a few years of moving to Los Angeles, I went from sleeping on a concrete floor to founding a multi-million-dollar business focused on supporting motivated people to overcome their most daunting challenges.

Now, as an author, speaker, trainer, and the originator of the Aim & Conquer Method, my mission is to help you become stronger, calmer, healthier, and happier so that you can heal yourself, transform your experience, and bring more value to yourself and to others.

We’re all in this together: let’s create something amazing.

Whatever curiosity led you to this site, welcome!

This site is here to support you. It has been designed to introduce you to the nature of Nosh’s work in promoting greater health and success. Feel free explore all the site has to offer. If anything catches your attention, please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect on a deeper level.

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This work is for those who are sincerely interested in changing their lives for the better. Explore unique perspectives on a wide range of deep and meaningful topics, and check out the blog for videos, essays, and posts offering guidance based on years of meditative practice.

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Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching to help you leap for greater business and personal success, healing sessions to aid you in taking charge of the way you feel, transformational retreats to revitalize your relationships, workshops to upgrade the way your company functions, or speaking engagements to inspire and energize a group, you’ve come to the right place.  Be sure to connect with Nosh and learn what opportunities exist for him to support you in taking your experience of life to the next level.